Swisscom aligns with NVIDIA to create GenAI supercomputers in Switzerland, leveraging NVIDIA’s advanced computing solutions and AI software.

Swisscom recently unveiled a strategic collaboration with tech giant NVIDIA at AI House Davos, marking a significant step towards enhancing GenAI capabilities in Switzerland. This initiative focuses on constructing GenAI full-stack supercomputers using NVIDIA’s accelerated computing and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform.

A central component of this partnership is the NVIDIA NeMo framework, designed to build, customize, and deploy GenAI applications efficiently. Swisscom envisions this collaboration to foster the development of standard, bespoke, and innovative AI use cases, both for customer engagement and internal improvements.

The plan includes Swisscom acquiring cutting-edge technologies from NVIDIA. A noteworthy aspect of this alliance is the establishment of a Trusted AI Factory. This facility aims to connect Swisscom to NVIDIA’s global ecosystem, offering Swiss customers access to top-tier AI solutions.

Swisscom Group has committed up to 100 million Swiss Francs for AI infrastructure and service development in the coming years, signifying their dedication to this technologically advanced venture. This investment will fuel the creation of the GenAI supercomputers and the development of AI solutions that cater to specific customer needs.