Entropik’s new AI-generated reports on Decode and Qatalyst streamline market research by transforming data into ready-to-present insights.

Entropik, a leader in human insights, has launched AI-Generated Reports on its Decode and Qatalyst platforms. This new feature uses GenAI to transform hidden consumer insights into presentation-ready reports with clear visualizations and in-depth analysis, significantly speeding up the traditionally lengthy market research process.

Previously, extracting meaningful data from interviews and surveys could take 2-3 weeks. Now, with AI-Generated Reports, brands can quickly understand consumer behavior trends and make informed decisions. “Traditional reporting methods in market research are often time-consuming and labor-intensive,” said Ranjan Kumar, CEO of Entropik. “We’re thrilled to introduce our new AI-Generated Reports feature, which drastically reduces these burdens by delivering high-quality, insightful reports with remarkable speed and accuracy, empowering researchers to make data-driven decisions more efficiently.”

The feature offers three reporting options: creating from scratch, starting with media from studies, or generating reports based on a specific prompt. These options give users flexibility and control over the design and content of their reports, making it easier to tailor them to specific needs.

Enhanced collaboration and security features include presentation view, shareable reports, data encryption, and downloadable PPT formats. These functionalities ensure efficient information flow, secure sensitive data, and provide offline access, making AI-Generated Reports a powerful tool for modern market researchers.