Discover EY Switzerland’s innovative GenAI Bakery App, creating unique festive cookies with a twist!

EY Switzerland has unveiled a Christmas application, blending tradition and technology, aptly named the GenAI Bakery. Accessible through a QR code on their limited-edition digital and printed Christmas cards, this mobile application offers a unique twist on holiday baking. The GenAI Bakery allows users to craft their own “Festtages-Guetzli” (festive cookies) using an AI-driven interface.

Leveraging Dall-E’s capabilities, the app invites creativity in cookie design. Users can specify shapes – from hearts to spaceships – flavors, and decorations through simple text input. The result? A personalized, AI-generated image of the requested cookie. Developed in collaboration with Festland AG, this platform is more than just an interactive tool; it showcases GenAI’s potential in creative applications.

What sets the GenAI Bakery apart is its approach to image generation. Instead of relying on pre-existing image databases, each cookie design is freshly created, ensuring every image is unique. This process generates individualized results and continually enables the AI to learn and improve with each new creation.

Thomas Sucic, Head of Brand, Marketing, and Communication at EY Switzerland, emphasizes the experiential nature of this initiative. The GenAI Bakery isn’t just about baking virtual cookies; it’s an invitation to engage with and understand GenAI technology in a fun, accessible way.