Google Gemini boosts Fitbit with AI-driven personal health insights and coaching for enhanced user wellness.

Google Gemini is set to upgrade Fitbit by integrating a new GenAI model designed to offer users personalized health insights and advice. This collaboration between Fitbit and Google focuses on developing an LLM around personal health, aiming to enhance the Fitbit app with novel features.

This GenAI integration aims to equip the AI with the ability to offer personalized coaching and guidance tailored to the user’s health and fitness objectives. The model will utilize data from both Fitbit and Pixel devices to generate insights and suggestions. For instance, as Google’s VP of Engineering and Research Yossi Matias explained, it could analyze sleep pattern variations and recommend adjustments in workout intensity based on these insights.

This initiative leverages Gemini models and analyzes various health signals, drawing from a wide range of high-quality research. These new GenAI-driven features will be introduced to premium users through Fitbit Labs, giving them an advanced understanding of their health data. This setup allows users to interact naturally with the AI, asking questions and receiving information about their health in an intuitive manner.

Dr. Karen DeSalvo, Google’s Chief Health Officer, emphasizes the company’s belief in AI’s capacity to significantly transform health care for people everywhere. This development comes after Alphabet, Google’s parent company, acquired Fitbit for $2.1 billion in 2021 following regulatory reviews. Fitbit’s approach to data privacy has been questioned regarding user consent for data transfers outside the EU, highlighting challenges in balancing technology with privacy.