Fortinet pioneers GenAI in cybersecurity with a new AI assistant and capabilities, enhancing network and security operations.

Cybersecurity company Fortinet is integrating GenAI into its network and security operations. With the launch of its FortiAI assistant and innovative capabilities, Fortinet aims to address the skills gap in cybersecurity, empowering teams to configure networks and respond to threats more efficiently.

The introduction of FortiAI comes at a time when the cybersecurity sector faces a shortage of skilled professionals. By leveraging GenAI, Fortinet is bridging this gap and enabling security and network operations teams to perform tasks that would typically require technical proficiency. With FortiAI, individuals, regardless of expertise, can now engage with the security fabric using natural language, enhancing operational efficiency and streamlining processes.

One of the key features of FortiAI is its ability to expedite Day 0 and Day 1 network operations. Through GenAI-assisted scripting in FortiManager, IT teams can generate code with conversational commands, boosting configuration speed and accuracy. Additionally, Fortinet introduces the industry’s first GenAI IoT security assistant in FortiManager. This AI-driven tool enables teams to detect and troubleshoot IoT vulnerabilities using natural language queries, enhancing proactive security measures and minimizing cybersecurity risks.

Fortinet’s integration of GenAI into its network and security operations represents a significant advancement in the cybersecurity landscape. By leveraging AI capabilities to address real-world challenges, Fortinet is driving innovation and delivering tangible benefits to organizations, including increased operational efficiency, enhanced security, and improved threat response capabilities.