GenAI transforms corporate learning, making it more engaging and accessible.

Colossyan is changing the game in corporate training with its GenAI-powered video creation platform. Recognizing the common disengagement with traditional training materials, Colossyan offers a solution that makes creating engaging, multilingual training videos simple and efficient. By allowing users to input a script and choose from various avatars, the platform generates videos that can be translated into over 70 languages, aiming to capture the attention of a diverse workforce.

Founded in 2020 by Dominik Mate Kovacs, Colossyan addresses the challenges of expensive and often ignored corporate training videos. Kovacs, inspired by GenAI’s potential in corporate settings, sees this technology as a key tool in enhancing training effectiveness and efficiency. Despite the competitive landscape, Colossyan distinguishes itself with features like learning management system integrations and interactive dialogue capabilities between avatars.

With a recent $22 million funding round, Colossyan plans to expand its team and develop new features, such as branching videos and knowledge checks, to further enrich the learning experience. The platform has already attracted major clients like Novartis and Porsche, validating its approach to overcoming traditional training video limitations with GenAI.