Fujitsu collaborates with Mizuho to harness generative AI for enhanced system development and maintenance.

Fujitsu and Mizuho Financial Group, a leading Japanese bank, have embarked on a trailblazing journey, leveraging GenAI to revolutionize their system development and maintenance processes. This initiative marks a significant step in integrating advanced technology into the financial services industry.

The collaboration, running from June 2023 to March 2024, aims to harness Fujitsu’s GenAI technology, notably the Fujitsu Kozuchi platform. This technology is designed to automatically identify errors and omissions in system design and audit processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Mizuho recognizes the transformative potential of GenAI in improving the quality and resilience of its systems. This technology is not just about error detection; it extends to refining system design plans and developing techniques for automatically generating test specifications. These advancements promise to bolster work process resilience, a critical factor in the dynamic field of financial services.

Fujitsu’s commitment to generative AI research and development is further evidenced by its collaboration with top Japanese academic and research institutions. These partnerships aim to advance Large Language Model (LLM) training on the supercomputer Fugaku. The insights gained from this research will be instrumental in enhancing the quality and efficiency of Mizuho’s operations.

The Fujitsu-Mizuho partnership stands as a testament to the growing significance of generative AI in the financial sector. It highlights the immense potential of AI to transform traditional banking operations, setting a precedent for future innovations in the industry.