Google’s Gemini AI is set to upgrade Gmail for Android users with intuitive reply suggestions, part of the Gemini Advanced subscription.

Google is set to upgrade Gmail for Android with an AI feature exclusive to Gemini Advanced subscribers. Using the Gemini Ultra AI model, this addition will offer intuitive reply suggestions, streamlining email management and reducing the time spent composing responses.

The feature integrates smoothly into Gmail, offering context-aware replies when users engage with an email. While these suggestions are more concise than those on Gemini’s web interface, they aim to efficiently resolve inbox inquiries, providing a straightforward approach to email communication.

Launched in Google Workspace in February, Gemini Ultra extends AI functionalities to Gmail and other productivity tools, available via the Google One AI Premium plan. This enhancement is part of Google’s broader effort to leverage AI to improve productivity and user experience across its applications.

The Google Advanced subscription, which includes Gemini Ultra, also offers 2TB of cloud storage, among other perks, with monthly fees set at Rs. 1,950 in India and $19.99 in the US, plus a two-month free trial. This initiative highlights Google’s commitment to integrating AI technology within its services, making email interactions more efficient and user-centric.