Google’s Search gets a major upgrade with new GenAI features, offering direct answers and handling complex queries.

Google’s Search is receiving a significant enhancement with the introduction of GenAI capabilities. The new AI Overview feature provides concise, AI-generated answers to queries, reducing the need for multiple searches. This update, already available to U.S. users and globally by year-end, links responses to their sources for added clarity.

In addition to AI Overview, Google is testing a Search Labs feature for complex queries. Users can now get comprehensive answers to intricate searches, like finding specific local services or planning detailed activities, in one go.

Another innovative addition is video search. Users can upload a video of a problem, such as a malfunctioning record player arm, and receive an AI-generated explanation and solution. This feature is set to launch in Search Labs soon.

These GenAI updates aim to streamline user experiences and reinforce Google’s market dominance. By integrating GenAI across its ecosystem, Google continues to innovate, despite rising competition from Amazon and potential new players like OpenAI.