Telkomsel partners with Microsoft, leveraging GenAI to enhance Indonesia’s digital landscape.

Indonesian telecommunications giant Telkomsel has embarked on an innovative journey with Microsoft, focusing on GenAI to bolster Indonesia’s digital ecosystem. This collaboration, cemented through a recent agreement, aims to integrate GenAI into Telkomsel’s services, promising an elevated customer experience and refined product quality.

Earlier this year, Telkomsel and Microsoft inked a Memorandum of Understanding to fuse Azure’s GenAI capabilities into Telkomsel’s marketing strategies. This integration is designed to analyze customer interactions, sentiment, and predict future behaviors, thus sharpening the customer experience. The fresh GenAI-focused agreement, signed at Telkomsel’s T-Connext 2023 event, marks a significant step forward in this partnership.

T-Connext 2023 served as a hub for innovative minds, emphasizing AI’s role in fostering creative and sustainable digital ecosystems. Wong Soon Nam, Telkomsel’s Planning and Transformation Director, highlighted the event’s focus on AI, urging for collaborative efforts in AI-driven innovations across Indonesia’s digital landscape.

This partnership between Telkomsel and Microsoft exemplifies a GenAI-first approach, aiming to reshape customer interactions and market strategies within the telecom sector. By leveraging Microsoft Azure’s GenAI technology, Telkomsel is set to redefine its operational and customer-facing functions, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of GenAI in telecommunications.