Grab partners with OpenAI to enhance the user experience, leveraging GenAI for seamless interactions and faster development.

Singaporean ride-hailing giant Grab has announced a new partnership with OpenAI, marking the AI developer’s first collaboration in Southeast Asia. This partnership enables Grab to tap into OpenAI’s technical and strategic expertise, significantly enhancing its capabilities.

Philip Kandal, Grab’s chief product officer, emphasized that GenAI is revolutionizing its development process, accelerating innovation, and reducing friction in the user experience. Using GenAI, Grab aims to streamline its services, ensuring drivers and passengers connect effortlessly. For instance, matching the vehicle color with the app icon’s color increases customer retention by creating a more intuitive experience.

Additionally, Grab utilizes LLMs to translate menu items and reviews into various languages, such as Mandarin and Korean. This capability allows Grab to expand services with minimal resource investment, catering to travelers, one of its fastest-growing customer segments. Accurate translations also enable drivers to communicate effectively with users speaking different languages.

Grab also employs a GenAI-powered tool that analyzes real-time and historical data to guide drivers to high-demand locations. This feature enhances service efficiency, providing a competitive edge over other ride-hailing apps.