Honda has unveiled Scenic Audio, a new app designed to enrich travel experiences for the visually impaired.

Honda’s new Scenic Audio app is revolutionizing travel for the visually impaired. It uses GenAI to transform car window views into audio descriptions, making it the world’s first AI-powered app to enhance motor vehicle journeys for the blind and visually impaired. The app is currently in beta testing and aims to enrich the travel experience by verbally describing the scenery.

Developed with the Perkins School for the Blind and the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind, the app integrates GenAI with computer vision and satellite imaging. This setup effectively translates complex visual data into detailed spoken words. The challenge of accurately conveying visual landscapes, weather, and locations is met with advanced technology.

Scenic Audio synthesizes data from diverse sources to create rich, contextual narratives. It describes terrain types, elevation changes, and real-time weather conditions. These audible descriptions help users visualize their surroundings, making the travel experience more immersive.

Phil Hruska, senior manager at Honda Marketing, states that the app aims to open up the joy of travel to those who cannot see. It allows them to experience and enjoy the landscape as if they were seeing it, enhancing their connection to their journeys. Using GenAI, Honda is improving mobility and enriching travel for visually impaired passengers.