IBM introduces Concert with Watsonx AI to streamline complex operations in hybrid cloud environments.

IBM has unveiled IBM Concert, an AI-powered tool designed to manage and simplify operations across hybrid cloud environments. As IT spending on software is projected to exceed $1 trillion in 2024, the complexity of managing interconnected applications and vast data is a growing challenge. IBM Concert addresses this with insights and automation powered by Watsonx AI.

IBM Concert offers a 360-degree view of application ecosystems, revealing dependencies and providing actionable recommendations. Setup involves connecting to existing applications, where the AI engine analyzes architecture and suggests improvements. This holistic view helps app owners streamline compliance and enhance security efficiently.

IBM Concert

Key features include real-time risk mitigation, compliance management, and certificate tracking. Concert prioritizes risks based on application impact and provides near real-time insights, making it easier for organizations to manage vulnerabilities and maintain security standards. By automating workflows, Concert ensures timely certificate renewals and operational continuity.

IBM also fosters industry collaboration with competitions and research initiatives to further advance AI capabilities. With these tools, IBM Concert aims to enhance resilience, innovation, and cost-effectiveness in business operations.