Maxis collaborates with Google Cloud and AWS to integrate GenAI, enhancing operations and customer service.

Maxis, Malaysia’s telecom giant, is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to adopt GenAI to streamline its internal and external operations. This collaboration, announced at the Mobile World Congress, is set to revolutionize how Maxis approaches workflow, customer service, and more.

With Google Cloud, Maxis plans to integrate GenAI into its operations. It will use Duet AI for Developers to do AI-assisted coding in natural language and tap into the Gemini models’ multimodal capabilities on the Vertex AI platform. This integration promises to increase productivity, provide new insights into operations, and improve customer behavior modeling.

Maxis CIO Ng May Ching highlighted GenAI’s transformative impact, noting its potential to automate processes, enhance efficiency, and improve customer service through data-driven insights. The partnership with Google Cloud also extends to developing GenAI solutions for data analytics and cybersecurity, further enhancing Maxis’ digital resilience.

The collaboration with AWS focuses on combining Maxis’ advanced 5G capabilities with AWS’ GenAI offerings to innovate in sectors such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, and financial services. Maxis aims to offer integrated solutions that adapt to changing business needs, providing enterprises with a technological advantage.

Maxis also plans to utilize AWS’s machine learning capabilities to build and deploy AI models at scale, with a focus on developing large language models that support Bahasa Melayu. This effort is expected to accelerate the digital transformation for Malaysian businesses, underscoring Maxis’ commitment to driving GenAI adoption across various industries.