IKEA’s latest venture introduces a GenAI shopping assistant, transforming how customers interact with their vast product catalog.

Now available to U.S. consumers with a Plus membership, this cutting-edge tool aims to simplify the shopping experience by providing detailed product information, availability, and even check out links directly through ChatGPT.

The assistant operates via ChatGPT, allowing users to inquire about products or seek design advice. For instance, customers searching for an eight-seater dining table will receive product suggestions with images, prices, and ratings. Moreover, the tool can curate furniture arrangements based on specific criteria, like sustainable materials for a cozy living room in a compact space.

IKEA’s pragmatic, action-oriented strategy focuses on learning through practice. By establishing a Responsible AI framework and collaborating with a diverse partner ecosystem, IKEA is not just participating in the AI evolution but actively shaping its business strategy to leverage these advancements.

IKEA’s initiative is part of a broader movement among retailers to integrate consumer-facing GenAI tools. Companies like Amazon and Walmart have also introduced AI-powered assistants and search capabilities, enhancing the online shopping experience by providing personalized, efficient product recommendations and search results.