Victoria’s Secret & Co. partners with Google Cloud, aiming to revolutionize its digital shopping landscape using advanced AI technologies.

Victoria’s Secret & Co. (VS&Co), a luminary in the intimates retail sector, recently announced a trailblazing partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration is set to fortify VS&Co’s online shopping experience, integrating Google Cloud’s AI and generative AI technologies. The initiative emerges as a strategic move, coinciding with NRF 2024, the paramount event of the retail industry.

The essence of this partnership lies in its commitment to delivering personalized and inclusive experiences to VS&Co’s global clientele. With over 500 million annual website visits, the company is poised to employ these advanced technologies to scale up customer engagement. A standout project under this new alliance is the development of a generative AI-powered conversational assistant, envisioned to offer bespoke product recommendations and guidance.

December 2022 marked VS&Co’s strategic acquisition of Adore Me, a vanguard in direct-to-consumer lingerie. This acquisition was a step towards enhancing the shopping experience across VS&Co’s brands, including PINK. Adore Me’s pre-existing utilization of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and Duet AI for Google Workspace dovetails with the new partnership, ensuring a seamless integration of generative AI into VS&Co’s framework.

Chris Rupp, the Chief Customer Officer of Victoria’s Secret & Co., underscores the partnership’s potential. It’s not just about elevating the customer experience; it’s also about empowering the company’s internal teams to spearhead innovation across various business functions. This collaboration symbolizes a new chapter for VS&Co, where advanced technology harmonizes with their dedication to enriching customer journeys and cementing their status as a retail frontrunner.