Ironscales’ new GenAI phishing simulation tool empowers cybersecurity teams to tackle sophisticated phishing attacks swiftly.

Enterprise cloud email security platform Ironscales has unveiled a phishing simulation platform using GenAI. This platform enables the creation of up to 2,000 spear phishing simulations per hour. It leverages LLMs trained by Ironscales, providing templates and streamlined workflows for setting up phishing campaigns efficiently.

CEO Eyal Benishti highlights that cybercriminals already use GenAI for advanced phishing attacks. With GenAI, cyber teams can match this sophistication, improving training to recognize AI-crafted phishing emails. The tool helps users identify phishing tactics, such as urgent requests appearing to come from senior executives, which require extra verification.

GenAI-powered phishing attacks are harder to detect, especially with deep fakes incorporating audio and video files. The era of easily spotted, error-ridden phishing emails is over, as GenAI reduces the cost and effort for cybercriminals to launch convincing attacks. Consequently, training must adapt to these more complex threats.

The critical challenge is ensuring users remain vigilant against GenAI-fueled phishing. Effective training and multi-channel verification processes are essential to minimize breaches. It’s crucial to equip employees with the necessary skills and tools to counter these evolving threats, rather than penalizing them for lapses in detection.