Shutterstock partners with Databricks to create ImageAI, a GenAI model for high-quality, enterprise-ready images.

Shutterstock and Databricks have launched Shutterstock ImageAI, a GenAI text-to-image model optimized for enterprise use. Built using Databricks Mosaic AI, the model leverages Shutterstock’s extensive image repository to generate high-quality, customized images for businesses.

Traditional image sourcing for businesses is often slow and lacks customization. Shutterstock ImageAI overcomes this by producing bespoke, high-fidelity images swiftly. Trained exclusively on Shutterstock’s curated images, it ensures output quality and reliability, meeting enterprise standards.

The collaboration with Databricks allows seamless integration into existing systems, offering robust data governance and monitoring. Databricks’ Mosaic AI platform provides the security and speed necessary for enterprise applications, making the model efficient and safe for commercial use.

This launch is part of Databricks’ broader strategy, which includes their new AI/BI tool integrating AI to enhance data visualization. Unlike competitors who charge extra for similar features, Databricks offers this tool free for customers. The AI/BI tool, assisted by MosaicML’s LLMs, continuously learns from customer data to improve accuracy, keeping data fresh and controls simple.

Shutterstock ImageAI not only offers customizable image generation but also indemnification options for additional protection. Businesses can fine-tune the model to match their brand identity, ensuring unique and branded visual content. This innovation enhances creative workflows, setting a new standard in enterprise image creation.