JD Sports leverages AI-powered search and composable commerce to enhance personalization, says EVP Chief Digital Officer Arianne Parisi.

JD Sports is enhancing its digital transformation with AI-driven search technology, partnering with Algolia to integrate vector-based search. EVP Chief Digital Officer Arianne Parisi explains this move as part of a “customer-centric transformation” to create a more agile tech stack that better serves global consumers. This shift supports JD Sports’ ambitious growth plans, particularly in the US, Europe, and APAC.

The integration of Algolia’s API-first search solution aims to improve the browsing and shopping experience on JD’s websites. The vector-based search provides more accurate and relevant results, resembling a personal shopper’s expertise. This advanced search technology adapts to user intent, delivering hyper-personalized experiences based on browsing habits, click events, and conversion data.

Parisi highlights AI’s potential to create immersive and conversational search experiences. Users can ask questions in a natural, conversational manner and receive immediate, context-aware responses. This AI-driven approach not only enhances the shopping experience but also helps JD Sports scale personalization efforts significantly.

JD Sports’ AI transformation extends beyond search. Future plans include integrating AI with their loyalty program to tailor user experiences even further. This comprehensive approach aims to stitch together online and offline behaviors, ensuring highly relevant interactions at every customer touchpoint. Parisi envisions a seamless blend of data and personalization, where in-store purchases influence online recommendations and vice versa.