Kayak introduces new GenAI features for more efficient travel planning and flight searches, using just a screenshot.

Kayak is pioneering the future of travel planning with its latest GenAI features, setting new standards for efficiency and user interaction in the travel sector. With a personalized travel advice chatbot and a unique flight search option that operates with a mere screenshot, Kayak joins the forefront of travel platforms harnessing AI to enhance trip planning and facilitate price comparisons.

The introduction of PriceCheck marks a significant breakthrough, allowing travelers to swiftly ensure they’re securing the best flight deals by uploading a screenshot of flight details from any source, including competitors’ websites. Powered by computer vision, a form of GenAI, this feature extracts pertinent information from screenshots—such as flight schedules and airlines—to scour the web for more economical alternatives. This not only simplifies the process of finding better prices but also serves as a strategic tool for Kayak to attract new customers, catering even to those with preferences for specific airlines or loyalty programs.

In addition to price comparison, Kayak enriches the travel planning experience with Ask Kayak, a chatbot that answers queries on various travel-related topics. Whether users seek the cheapest weekend getaway destinations or budget-friendly hotels in major cities like New York, Ask Kayak aims to streamline and personalize the travel research process. Initially accessible to users in the United States, the UK, and Canada, this feature is poised for global expansion, bringing tailored travel advice to a wider audience.

Kayak’s initiative not only showcases GenAI’s transformative potential in travel planning but also underscores the company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. As travel planning continues to digitize, Kayak’s integration of GenAI features like PriceCheck and Ask Kayak positions it as a trailblazer in the travel industry, equipped to meet the evolving needs of modern travelers with cutting-edge technology.