Dublin partners with OpenAI to craft unique travel experiences, setting a new standard in smart tourism.

OpenAI has partnered with Dublin, recently named the European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2024, to offer a more personalized and enriching experience for tourists exploring the city using GenAI.

The collaboration revolves around a proof of concept called the “Dublin Itinerary Planner,” which is powered by GPT-4. Developed by Data & Design, this tool goes beyond traditional travel suggestions and creates custom itineraries that showcase Dublin’s diverse culture and lively urban lifestyle. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate GenAI’s ability to provide unique and unforgettable experiences for every visitor instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all approach.

The alliance intends to host a workshop for tourism leaders in the European Union. The workshop will focus on using GenAI for city promotion, destination branding, tourism engagement, and itinerary planning. This initiative highlights OpenAI and Dublin’s dedication to leading intelligent tourism innovation, demonstrating GenAI’s transformative power in creating personalized travel experiences.

The collaboration between OpenAI and Dublin sets the foundation for advanced tourism solutions and serves as an example for other cities to follow. By incorporating GenAI, Dublin can improve visitor satisfaction, promote its cultural heritage, and solidify its position as a leading smart tourism destination.