Kraft Heinz embraces GenAI for real-time, data-driven employee insights.

Kraft Heinz is stepping boldly into the realm of GenAI with the development of KraftGPT, an internal tool designed to empower its employees with immediate data insights. Revealed by Helen Davis, SVP of North America operations, KraftGPT is currently in the development phase, integrating features like language translation for smooth platform interaction.

The initiative’s core objective is to leverage GenAI for instant data analysis across the company’s supply chain, aiding employees in strategic decision-making. This approach aligns with a broader trend in GenAI adoption, focusing on real-time, data-driven insights for workforce efficiency.

The allure of GenAI in enhancing productivity and easing repetitive tasks is capturing the attention of tech leaders and employees alike. A study by Insight Enterprises reveals that nearly three-quarters of workers are already using GenAI tools for data analysis and visualization. David McCurdy, CTO at Insight Enterprises, highlights the efficiency gains from immediate problem-solving capabilities, freeing up data scientists and tech experts for more complex challenges.

Kraft Heinz’s GenAI venture employs Microsoft Azure OpenAI tools combined with internal data, proprietary AI models, recommendation systems, and risk classification methodologies. While still in the testing phase, the company hasn’t set a concrete timeline for KraftGPT’s full deployment.

Kraft Heinz joins a wave of enterprises exploring GenAI’s potential in optimizing business operations. According to a Gartner survey, over 40% of executives report their organizations are piloting GenAI, with another 10% already in the production stage.