Lenovo’s AI Now personal AI assistant, debuting in China’s first half, revolutionizes PC interaction.

CES 2024 witnessed the unveiling of Lenovo’s AI Now, a cutting-edge personal AI assistant, marking a significant stride in AI PC technology. Over 300 Fortune 500 companies participated in this tech fest, focusing on AI’s role in the future of computing. AI Now, built on a unique device knowledge base, offers a tailored interactive experience, simplifying workflows and enhancing collaboration.

Lenovo’s innovation lies in its integration of personal large-scale AI models, transforming PCs into intelligent devices, not just in computing power but in user interaction. AI Now enables users to control and customize settings using natural language, streamlining tasks like email sorting, meeting scheduling, and a blend of real-time camera and digital avatar use during video conferences.

The technology was first showcased at TechWorld in October last year, signifying a leap in AI PC core technology. This advancement isn’t confined to PCs; Lenovo envisions a comprehensive AI-driven ecosystem across all devices. The AI PC, with its inherent computational prowess, is set to spearhead the next generation of OS innovations, further democratizing AI accessibility.

Additionally, Lenovo’s CES presentation showcased AvatarMaster, a user-friendly AI-powered application that transforms personal profiles into customizable 3D digital avatars. This innovation, part of the new Lenovo Legion gaming ecosystem, extends beyond gaming to professional settings, offering a unique blend of personalization, simplicity, and compatibility across various platforms.