Levi’s announces a collaboration with Lalaland.ai, employing AI models for a more inclusive and versatile online shopping journey.

Levi’s, the well-known denim brand, is partnering with digital fashion studio Lalaland.ai. Their joint project introduces AI-generated models to diversify the online shopping experience. However, this endeavor has sparked controversy, prompting Levi’s to clarify its intent. The brand emphasizes that AI models are meant to complement rather than replace human models.

While promising greater inclusivity in online shopping, Levi’s has remained discreet about the platforms and the extent of customization offered by these AI models. This has raised concerns about sustainability and the potential impact on employment opportunities for human models.

Amy Gershkoff Bolles, Levi’s global head of digital and emerging technology strategy, expresses enthusiasm for AI’s potential to enhance the consumer experience. In response to the initial backlash, Levi’s has adjusted its position. It now underscores that the project primarily aims to showcase products on a broader range of body types, rather than being a tool for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

While Levi’s reaffirms its commitment to real models and live photoshoots, its approach stands in contrast to retailers like Walmart and Amazon Fashion, which explore augmented reality for virtual try-ons.