Migros breaks new ground with Vivi Nova, a beverage crafted by GenAI, marking a global retail first.

Swiss retail giant Migros has recently unveiled “Vivi Nova,” a novel beverage developed using GenAI technologies. This marks a pioneering venture in the retail industry, showcasing the integration of GenAI in product innovation.

Migros collaborated with Vivi Kola, a renowned soft drink manufacturer, leveraging the GenAI prowess of ChatGPT, the design ingenuity of Midjourney, and the 3D creation capabilities of Unreal Engine. The result? Vivi Nova, a beverage blending water, lime juice, haskap berry juice, ginger juice, powdered chicory root, and brown sugar. This concoction not only promises a refreshing taste but also incorporates health benefits, as articulated by ChatGPT: protection against cell damage, immune boost, and digestion aid.

The development process also highlights the synergy between GenAI and human expertise. While GenAI was instrumental in ingredient selection and trend capturing, human skills were essential for the precise calculation of nutritional values. This collaboration signifies the balanced co-existence of GenAI and human input in product development.

Impressively, the journey from conception to creation of Vivi Nova spanned a mere two days, facilitated by Migros’ Eglisau bottling facility. This rapid development cycle illustrates the efficiency gains possible with GenAI integration.

Now available at Migros Cooperative Zurich and online across Switzerland, Vivi Nova stands as a testament to the innovative potential of GenAI in the beverage industry.