Lighthouse introduces Smart Summaries, transforming hotel data into actionable insights with GenAI.

Lighthouse, a pioneer in the travel and hospitality industry, has unveiled Smart Summaries, a new feature within its Business Intelligence platform. This innovation uses GenAI to equip hotel professionals with tailored, easy-to-understand performance summaries, marking a significant step forward in data interpretation and revenue decision-making in hospitality.

Generative AI has found applications in areas like marketing content creation and guest inquiry responses via chatbots until now. Lighthouse’s newest GenAI application advances by turning complex quantitative data into actionable insights, aiming to boost the efficiency of Revenue Managers. Developed from vast data sets and thousands of expertly crafted summaries, Smart Summaries offer detailed reports on crucial metrics such as pick-up rates, ADR, segmentation, and occupancy, converting hours of analysis into mere moments.

Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of Lighthouse, highlights the pivotal role of Smart Summaries in reshaping revenue management. This initiative not only eases the workload of routine analysis but also enables hoteliers to zero in on strategic revenue expansion and commercial decision-making. Lighthouse’s venture into GenAI marks a deliberate move to expand its platform into an essential commercial asset, alongside its portfolio of AI and machine learning solutions.

By streamlining daily performance analysis, Smart Summaries tackle a significant industry hurdle, freeing revenue managers to devote more time to strategic planning and revenue-enhancing efforts. The advantages are unmistakable: lighter load on non-revenue tasks, swifter pinpointing of actionable insights, and heightened efficiency for commercial teams.