L’Oréal Group is integrating GenAI to enhance its marketing efforts, combining technology with human creativity.

Asmita Dubey, the Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, notes this shift towards using GenAI for content creation and delivering innovative beauty services online and offline. The focus is on creating a new generation of marketers proficient in both data analysis and creative thinking, which is vital for leveraging GenAI. This strategy combines human insight with machine efficiency, producing relevant and engaging beauty content.

L’Oréal is cautious about GenAI use, particularly in depicting beauty. It has established guidelines to use AI-generated content ethically, avoiding enhancement of product benefits with AI-generated human features. This approach is to maintain authenticity in its beauty portrayals.

Through its CreAItech unit, L’Oréal collaborates with partners like Nvidia and WPP Open, exploring GenAI’s potential by creating over 800 beauty images. These initiatives are part of understanding GenAI’s implications for tech readiness, modularity, and data management, focusing on scalable and efficient content production that boosts consumer engagement and marketing performance.

In its GenAI journey, L’Oréal has seen improved efficiency in generating product images, hinting at GenAI’s broader implications for marketing and research. The ongoing exploration aims to refine GenAI applications in beauty marketing and research, ensuring authentic and impactful consumer interactions.