Matalan enhances online shopping with a GenAI tool for better product descriptions.

Matalan, a prominent UK retailer in fashion and homeware, has taken a significant step in its digital journey by incorporating GenAI technology for writing product descriptions, in partnership with Kin + Carta. This advancement introduces a custom GenAI model that utilizes product details and images to improve content creation.

Designed to refine the online shopping process, this innovation aims to quadruple productivity while keeping Matalan’s copywriters in the loop for quality checks, underscoring a dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Confronted with the task of creating detailed, SEO-friendly product narratives on a large scale, Matalan turned to GenAI for a solution that efficiently crafts engaging and informative content. This strategy meets the critical objectives of enhancing customer engagement and boosting conversion rates by ensuring products are more visible on search engines. The fusion of GenAI with Matalan’s creative process represents an effective marriage of technology and human insight, delivering superior product descriptions.

This GenAI application brings several advantages. It significantly accelerates the production of detailed descriptions, improves the shopping experience with more comprehensive product information, and supports better search engine placement and higher conversion rates due to optimized content. Furthermore, the cooperative effort between GenAI technology and Matalan’s writing staff sets a precedent for future digital projects, highlighting a commitment to maintaining high-quality standards through innovation.