Mayo Clinic tests Google’s GenAI tool to streamline data searches, enhancing access and significantly reducing clinician burnout.

Google Cloud’s deployment of GenAI technologies enhances healthcare services at Mayo Clinic by improving data accessibility for medical professionals. The new Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder enables clinicians to swiftly access a broad range of patient information through a user-friendly chatbot interface, facilitating searches across various data formats and storage locations.

At Mayo Clinic, this GenAI tool is being tested to see how effectively it can alleviate common administrative burdens contributing to clinician burnout. By simply inputting queries, physicians can quickly gather comprehensive data such as patient demographics and medical records or match patients to clinical trials without manually sifting through individual records.

The Chief Technology Officer of Mayo Clinic, Vish Anantraman, notes the tool’s potential to save significant time and reduce the stress associated with administrative tasks. In healthcare, where accuracy and privacy are paramount, Google proceeds cautiously by limiting the tool’s early adoption and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations, including HIPAA.

Mayo Clinic has created “safe sandboxes” for testing this GenAI application, prioritizing the evaluation of its effectiveness and security to safeguard patient data. This initiative is part of a strategic ten-year collaboration with Google Cloud aimed at harnessing AI to revolutionize healthcare delivery and enhance patient outcomes.