McKinsey introduces ‘Lilli,’ a GenAI-driven chat app crafted to boost consulting efficiency with insights and expert recommendations for projects.

McKinsey & Company, the global consulting giant, recently introduced “Lilli,” a GenAI tool designed to supercharge its employees’ efficiency. Lilli, developed by McKinsey’s ClienTech team led by CTO Jacky Wright, is named in honor of Lillian Dombrowski, McKinsey’s first female professional hire in 1945.

Lilli stands out for its capacity to access more than 100,000 documents and interview transcripts. It delivers personalized information, insights, and expert recommendations for a range of consulting projects. This GenAI tool not only improves access to information but also encourages well-informed decision-making across the organization.

Lilli’s potential applications are vast, ranging from research on client sectors and competitors to drafting detailed project implementation plans. During a demo, Lilli displayed its versatility, providing expert lists and strategic outlooks with full citation and source attribution, a feature highly valued by clients for its transparency. Behind the scenes, Lilli integrates technologies from partners like Cohere and OpenAI, operated on Microsoft Azure. This secure layer bridges the user and data, prioritizing compliance and client data security.

As McKinsey explores expanding Lilli’s use across its workforce, there’s also discussion about its potential as a white-labeled or external product. This move could mark a significant shift in how consulting firms leverage GenAI, turning internal tools into marketable solutions.