Meituan, China’s renowned food delivery titan, steps into the GenAI sphere with “Wow,” a novel AI-driven social interaction app.

In an ambitious stride into the GenAI realm, Meituan, primarily known for its food delivery service, has recently introduced its first AI product, “Wow.” This app, a blend of advanced AIGC technology and anthropomorphic features, marks a significant pivot in Meituan’s business strategy.

“Wow” emerges as a standout in the Chinese tech landscape, differentiating itself through its focus on social interactions. Unlike its competitors, who rapidly deploy GenAI models, Meituan’s approach is more calculated and unique. The app promises an interactive community with 29 distinct AI partners, each creating varied chatting scenarios and ensuring user privacy.

Meituan’s GenAI venture is not just confined to “Wow.” The company is keen on harnessing GenAI to revamp its business operations while scouting new growth avenues. This aligns with the CEO Wang Xing’s vision, recognizing GenAI as a pivotal innovation. Meituan’s algorithm team has been expanded, signifying a deep investment in GenAI applications.

This move also mirrors a broader trend among Chinese tech giants. The rise of ChatGPT in 2022 sparked a competitive race in leveraging GenAI, with major players like Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba integrating it into their ecosystems. “Wow” positions Meituan at the forefront of this race, venturing beyond food delivery into the domain of AI-driven social platforms.

Meituan’s robust user base and cooperation with 7 million merchants offer a rich data reservoir for training GenAI models. This massive data pool is instrumental in fine-tuning AI models to capture nuanced user needs and behaviors. Additionally, Meituan’s investment in GenAI startups like Zhipu AI bolsters its capabilities further.