Venturing into the realm of GenAI, Nationwide transforms complex veterinary medical insights into accessible information for pet owners, marking a stride towards enhanced pet care.

In the quest to bridge the gap between intricate veterinary medical knowledge and pet owners, Nationwide initiated a promising GenAI pilot. The project aimed at converting thousands of pages of technical veterinarian medical knowledge into easy-to-digest information to aid pet owners in better caring for their furry companions. Through generative AI, the team created first-draft summaries of seventy-one different health conditions, which were further refined into short and long-form descriptions.

The endeavor birthed the groundbreaking Nationwide Pet HealthZone platform, which utilizes claims data from millions of pets to furnish personalized health risk information. This GenAI-assisted venture not only accentuated the importance of merging human expertise with AI but also underscored time efficiency, as over 300 hours were saved in creating 35,000 words of medical content.

Nationwide’s innovative approach didn’t stop at pet care. The enterprise is piloting several “proof of concept” projects, exploring GenAI’s potential in elevating customer service and sales operations. One notable experiment involves GenAI acting as a “bionic co-worker” to customer service representatives, providing real-time prompts and data during customer interactions to enhance service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Nationwide case study is a testament to the transformative power of GenAI in tackling real-world challenges. Business decision-makers can glean the essence of embracing a collaborative model where humans and AI work in unison to deliver superior value, whether it’s in pet care education or customer engagement. The Nationwide narrative clearly outlines a pathway towards not merely adopting generative AI but integrating it in a manner that augments and amplifies existing operational capabilities.