‘Nine Parchments’ mobile game introduces AI-driven ‘Crew Mode,’ transforming text into cinematic art.

NetEase’s mobile game “Nine Parchments” has launched a groundbreaking AI film generation tool, “Crew Mode,” enabling players to produce movies by simply typing. This tool leverages the game’s assets and AI to allow for the creation of content featuring any character, action, and dialogue specified by the user. It supports adjusting details like clothing, makeup, hairstyles, personality, and voice, enhancing the customization experience.

“Crew Mode” also allows for the upload of images or videos for AI to perform motion capture, generating in-game actions and expressions not originally available. This aligns with Sora’s vision of limitless creative space with virtually no barriers to entry.

Casting choices range from mythical figures to imaginative variations of characters, demonstrating AI’s capability to craft actors that fit detailed descriptions. Furthermore, players can upload pictures of desired characters, and the AI will craft their in-game counterparts, including their appearance, hairstyle, and attire.

Detail adjustments extend to NPCs, enabling input on their backgrounds, ideals, and quirks, ensuring they deliver convincing performances. “Crew Mode” offers flexibility in setting scenes across the game’s diverse landscapes or custom-built sets.

The filming process is interactive, allowing on-the-fly adjustments to actors’ lines, expressions, and movements. AI motion capture will enable the incorporation of external video content, reflecting sophisticated actions and expressions in-game.

NetEase promises future enhancements with intelligent AI for “Crew Mode,” including text-to-action generation and advanced camera operations. “Crew Mode” will debut in version 1.3, with ongoing development to introduce and refine features progressively.