Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has collaborated with Microsoft to introduce ‘ChatOPG’, a GenAI-powered chatbot designed to streamline internal operations and improve employee productivity.

OPG faces the dual challenge of maintaining a reliable energy supply while transitioning to carbon-neutral operations amidst growing global demand. To manage this effectively, OPG has turned to GenAI technologies, deploying tools that enhance operational efficiency and ensure safety and sustainability.

ChatOPG leverages NLP capabilities to provide OPG employees with real-time assistance. This AI-powered chatbot is designed to answer queries, offer information, and be a personal work assistant. Initially inspired by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, ChatOPG is customized for specific organizational needs, providing support on various internal processes from IT troubleshooting to HR procedures.

The introduction of ChatOPG is part of OPG’s broader strategy to harness AI across its operations. By integrating GenAI, OPG aims to improve productivity and safety across its workforce while driving operational efficiencies. The chatbot helps reduce employees’ time on routine queries, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks. Additionally, ChatOPG is expected to evolve, incorporating more data to refine its responses and increase its utility.

The deployment of ChatOPG is a significant step for OPG in leveraging AI to meet the challenges of the modern energy sector. By enhancing communication and automating responses to common queries, OPG not only boosts internal efficiency but also positions itself to handle better the complexities of energy management and transition towards sustainable practices.