Oppo plans to add over 100 GenAI features across its smartphone lineup by the end of 2024, enhancing user experience globally.

Oppo is making substantial progress in incorporating GenAI technology into its smartphones. By the end of 2024, the company aims to introduce over 100 GenAI features across various price ranges. These will be a mix of existing functionalities and new innovations yet to be announced. Oppo has established an AI R&D Centre in Shenzhen to drive these advancements.

The Chinese tech giant has already filed over 5,399 AI patents worldwide, including 3,796 in AI imaging alone. Collaborations with tech leaders like Google and Microsoft and chipset manufacturers like MediaTek and Qualcomm are central to Oppo’s strategy. Key focus areas include image processing, computer vision, speech technology, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Since 2020, Oppo has been developing its own LLMs and is now working on large vision and multimodal models. Oppo claims to have deployed an LLM with 7 billion parameters directly to its smartphones. The company also emphasizes its commitment to data privacy, ensuring user data is not used for model training.

Partnering with Microsoft, Oppo leverages Fast Transcription and Neural TTS technologies for natural voice and text conversion. The collaboration aims to improve the connection between desktop and mobile AI, enabling seamless content generation and text translation across devices. Oppo is also collaborating with MediaTek on chipsets that feature dedicated AI processing units for optimized performance.