Oracle’s new GenAI-powered Clinical Digital Assistant boosts efficiency for U.S. clinicians, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing patient care.

Oracle has launched its GenAI Clinical Digital Assistant for ambulatory clinics in the U.S. This mobile app integrates clinical intelligence, multimodal voice, and screen assistance, leveraging GenAI to streamline clinicians’ workflows. The tool is designed to minimize administrative tasks, enabling healthcare professionals to devote more time to patient care.

The key feature of Oracle’s assistant is its integration with Oracle Health Electronic Records. This allows the app to swiftly present relevant patient information, such as medical history and recent test results, without the clinician having to navigate through complex records manually. During patient appointments, the assistant listens and takes notes based on the clinician’s template, recording referrals, test results, and prescriptions and scheduling follow-up appointments.

Early adopters have reported saving about 4.5 minutes per patient. Doctors’ time spent on updating healthcare records has decreased by 20% to 40%. Dr. Alicia Brooks of Covenant Health highlighted that the assistant enables her to maintain eye contact and focus on patient concerns without the distraction of data entry.

Oracle’s Clinical Digital Assistant addresses the challenge of excessive administrative workload, which can consume up to 35% of a doctor’s time. By automating these tasks, the assistant helps reduce burnout and enhances the joy of practicing medicine, fostering better patient-provider interactions.