launches Meeting GenAI, revolutionizing enterprise meetings with advanced AI insights., a leading platform in meeting transcription and collaboration, has launched Meeting GenAI, a suite of generative AI tools designed to enhance business discussions with insights and automation. This suite includes a generative AI chatbot capable of accessing a company’s entire meeting history to answer queries, generate content, and identify key information, positioning Otter ahead of competitors like Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini by offering multi-conversation AI capabilities.

The introduction of the Meeting GenAI chatbot allows for innovative functionalities such as answering user queries, writing emails, or status updates, and providing insights from past meetings. This tool is also available in Otter’s Slack-like Channels, offering a collaborative AI chat experience for team discussions—a feature Otter claims to be unprecedented and has a pending patent application.

Sam Liang, CEO of Otter, emphasizes that Meeting GenAI represents a significant advancement in AI meeting intelligence, allowing Otter to proactively participate in live conversations and provide actionable insights and content generation in real-time. Additionally, a new conversation summary view automatically tracks action items and assigns ownership, enhancing meeting productivity.

Despite the introduction of similar features like OtterPilot and meeting outline tools in previous years, Otter asserts that its new multi-conversation AI abilities will provide a competitive edge as the demand for AI-powered meeting analysis tools grows.

With the roll-out of Meeting GenAI across various platforms, aims to transcend its role as a transcription service, positioning itself as a comprehensive tool for gaining insights from meeting data. The challenge remains in competing with tech giants and convincing users of the added value Otter’s unique features bring to the collaboration tool landscape.