Pfizer has introduced “Charlie,” a GenAI platform designed to transform its marketing and content creation processes.

Named after co-founder Charles Pfizer, this innovative tool is being deployed across Pfizer’s marketing teams and agency partners, including Publicis Groupe and IPG. Charlie aims to streamline Pfizer’s content supply chain, assisting in content creation, editing, and the crucial legal review process in the pharmaceutical industry.

Charlie employs a color-coded risk system to efficiently manage content reviews, prioritizing assets for the medical review team. This system enhances the ability to produce content rapidly, catering to the needs of healthcare providers and patients. Moreover, Charlie is a central workbench for marketing, integrating with media analytics, competitor insights, and Adobe platforms for a holistic view and actionable insights, initially focusing on digital media and presentations.

The platform is trained on Pfizer’s extensive data, including approved content across various treatment categories and specific products. Charlie uses segmentation models for targeted messaging and employs recommendation algorithms and NLP to ensure content accuracy and relevance. Outputs are validated against Pfizer’s content to maintain accuracy and prevent misinformation.

Developed in collaboration with Publicis Groupe, Charlie marks a significant leap forward in Pfizer’s marketing strategy, leveraging GenAI for enhanced efficiency and relevance in content creation. This initiative demonstrates Pfizer’s innovative approach to marketing within the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, setting a benchmark for using GenAI in marketing.