Picsart and Getty Images team up to offer commercially safe AI-generated art, challenging Adobe.

Picsart, the maker of a popular photo-editing app, has announced a partnership with Getty Images to launch a new GenAI model. This model, exclusively trained on Getty Images’ library of licensed images, allows Picsart subscribers full commercial rights to any content created using the AI tool. This stands out as competing AI image generators, such as Midjourney, face copyright infringement issues.

Few companies can confidently claim their AI image generators are “commercially safe.” Adobe’s Firefly model, trained on stock images and public domain art, is one, but it has faced backlash over the alleged use of Midjourney images in its training data. Recent legal disputes further eroded user trust, prompting Adobe to clarify its policies and reassure users that their content will not be used to train AI models.

While Adobe and Picsart cater to different creative market segments, Picsart’s focus on smartphone users might see higher adoption of AI tools. With Getty Images backing the training data, Picsart aims to provide a reliable, legally sound solution for AI-generated art. The new model is expected to launch later in 2024.