Startup Rad AI collaborates with Google to employ cloud and MedLM technologies, enhancing radiologists’ efficiency.

Rad AI, a budding enterprise in the radiology sector, has recently announced a partnership with Google, integrating cloud technology and MedLM, a language model specialized for healthcare applications. This collaboration aims to simplify radiologists’ workflows and lessen their administrative duties. Dr. Jeff Chang, a radiologist and founder of Rad AI, initiated the company to address the growing concerns of high error rates and radiologist burnout amidst increasing demand for imaging services.

The startup’s software, renowned for its innovative approach, is already operational in eight of the top ten private radiology practices in the U.S. The partnership with Google will leverage the tech giant’s robust cloud platform and AI tools, including future Gemini-based models, to augment Rad AI’s capabilities.

Rad AI dashboard

Rad AI is revolutionizing the field with its AI-enabled reporting platform, Rad AI Reporting. This platform can significantly reduce the words dictated in reports by up to 90%, easing the workload of radiologists. Currently, about 30% of U.S. radiology practices utilize Rad AI’s software, impacting over 50 million patients annually.

Enhancements are on the horizon for Rad AI’s platforms, Rad AI Omni Impressions and Rad AI Reporting, with the integration of Google’s domain-aligned GenAI models like MedLM. This will not only refine the radiology report generation but also align it with individual radiologist preferences, enhancing report quality and consistency.