Saama leverages GenAI to streamline clinical development, speeding up drug-to-market timelines.

Saama Technologies, a pioneer in clinical development, unveiled its latest GenAI-driven platform enhancements. These innovations mark a significant step forward in the world of clinical trials. Firstly, the platform introduces an AI chat feature, allowing users to interact with their data in natural language. This eliminates the need for traditional, time-consuming data analysis methods.

The Interactive Review Listings (IRL) feature is another notable addition. It enables data managers and medical teams to collaborate seamlessly in one system, enhancing efficiency in data review processes. This approach breaks down operational silos, fostering a more unified and effective working environment.

Saama’s Data Quality (DQ) Co-Pilot stands out as a groundbreaking GenAI feature. It automates the creation of data quality checks, significantly reducing manual programming efforts. The Chat for Patient Insights tool further simplifies data handling by allowing medical monitors to query data without needing programming skills, dramatically speeding up data analysis.

Moreover, the Data Hub offers advanced AI-driven data mapping and adaptable data standards, streamlining the management of clinical trial data. Finally, Operational Insights provides an intuitive interface for executives to access and analyze data, integrating information from various sources into a coherent, easily navigable view.

Saama’s innovative GenAI solutions have shown remarkable efficiency improvements. Clinical trial sponsors and research organizations have noted a reduction in data processing times, with query generation times cut by nearly 90%.