SAP has made significant strides in enhancing its Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) use cases.

These advancements are driven by three key developments: deeper technological features, an expanded partnership network, and the introduction of automation functions. This multifaceted approach enables SAP to better support its partners and customers globally, marking a substantial leap in its service capabilities.

SAP BTP use cases now incorporate GenAI, elevating their technological depth. This integration aligns with SAP’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. GenAI is particularly significant in this context, as it opens new avenues for simplifying and enhancing business operations. Jürgen Müller, SAP SE’s Chief Technology Officer, emphasizes GenAI’s potential to revolutionize the way companies operate, ensuring that AI applications are relevant, reliable, and responsible.

Four exemplary use cases highlight the technological enhancements achieved with SAP BTP. These include creating a connected enterprise experience, automating processes for finance professionals, dynamically responding to supply chain events, and reducing CO2 footprints using GenAI applications. Each of these cases illustrates how GenAI can drive significant improvements in various business areas, from ERP and customer experience to supply chain management and environmental sustainability.

The expanded use-case approach of SAP BTP not only deepens the technological integration but also broadens the network, encompassing a larger SAP community and offering more technical assistance and reference architectures. This approach aims to guide and support customers in evaluating the opportunities and benefits brought about by GenAI and the latest technologies.