SAP and Nvidia join forces to embed GenAI across enterprise applications, promising enhanced efficiency and innovation.

SAP and Nvidia have partnered to integrate GenAI throughout SAP’s cloud-based applications and services. Announced at Nvidia’s GTC 2024, this collaboration aims to embed advanced AI capabilities into SAP’s software suite, offering powerful tools across various business functions such as finance and human resources. This move is part of SAP’s strategy to make GenAI widely available in its offerings, aiming to simplify the adoption of AI technologies for businesses.

The initiative will see the development of SAP Business AI, leveraging Nvidia’s AI expertise to infuse SAP’s cloud solutions with GenAI, enhancing them with scalable and sector-specific AI functions. Supported by SAP’s generative AI hub, this partnership will allow access to LLMs for creating business-focused AI solutions.

SAP plans to use Nvidia’s AI services to customize LLMs for particular industries and incorporate Nvidia NIM microservices, adding new AI features to the SAP AI Core and SAP Datasphere. These enhanced functionalities are expected to roll out by the end of 2024.

The collaboration will explore GenAI applications for SAP’s programming language and develop over 20 GenAI use cases for SAP’s software, such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud, using Nvidia AI Enterprise software. This collaboration between SAP and Nvidia signifies a breakthrough in integrating GenAI into enterprise applications, promising to enhance innovation and operational efficiency for businesses worldwide.