Melbourne-based recruitment startup has introduced a new GenAI model, SAIGE, designed to transform the job interview process.

SAIGE leverages the company’s advanced LLM, developed over six years, providing candidates with assessments, valuable feedback, and coaching on improving future performances. Since its inception in 2018 and following a significant Series A funding in 2022, Sapia has utilized AI to analyze over 3.5 million job interviews. This extensive dataset allows SAIGE to construct detailed personality profiles and evaluate role-based competencies, offering previously unattainable insights at such scale and depth.

Leading companies like Woolworths, Qantas, and Starbucks Australia are integrating Sapia’s platform into their recruitment processes, benefiting from unbiased, consistent, and in-depth candidate assessments. SAIGE’s introduction promises a more humane and transparent evaluation process, helping reduce unconscious bias in hiring decisions and providing candidates with personalized insights and coaching.’s CEO, Barb Hyman, emphasizes SAIGE’s role in humanizing evaluations, comparing its impact to ChatGPT’s on AI interactions. Meanwhile, Chief Data Scientist Dr. Buddhi Jayatilleke highlights SAIGE’s unique ability to explain its decision-making process, ensuring transparency and fairness in recruitment.

Sapia’s innovative approach not only streamlines the hiring process for employers but also provides candidates with valuable feedback that helps them identify their strengths and areas for improvement. This initiative represents a major milestone in the ethical use of AI technology in talent acquisition and establishes a new benchmark for the industry.