ServiceNow has upgraded its Now Platform with GenAI, making big changes to IT Service Management (ITSM), Customer Service Management, and HR Service Delivery.

The top enterprise software provider has introduced Now Assist, an interactive GenAI-powered chatbot, led by CIO Chris Bedi, and it’s changing how the company operates both inside and out. How? Now Assist makes handling tickets more efficient with automated responses, helping agents work better and showing ServiceNow’s commitment to staying competitive.

ServiceNow’s embrace of GenAI is more than just a tech move. It’s a change in how they use LLMs to make user experience and operations better. By using an LLM to index all their market content and product docs, ServiceNow equips its sales reps with in-depth knowledge from day one, leading to impressive tool adoption rates.

Generative AI plays a vital role in ServiceNow’s digital journey, especially in text-to-code and text-to-flow capabilities. These tools bring business and tech teams together, making processes faster and bridging gaps. Chris Bedi sees GenAI as a way to enhance the workforce, not replace jobs, especially for software engineers. It boosts their performance.

Bedi highlights the importance of measuring generative AI’s impact. By focusing on sentiment, adoption, coverage, and business results, ServiceNow gauges how well generative AI enhances user experience, agent productivity, and overall business performance. It’s a blueprint for others looking to use generative AI.