Snapchat’s latest AR and GenAI tools significantly boost brand engagement on the platform.

At the 2024 IAB NewFronts, Snapchat introduced innovative augmented reality (AR) and GenAI tools to transform how brands interact with users. A key enhancement includes speeding up the creation of AR try-on assets, a move facilitated by advanced machine learning automation. This GenAI-driven process allows brands to convert their 2D catalogs into immersive AR experiences swiftly.

Snapchat has integrated GenAI technology to enable the creation of branded AR ads through simple text or image prompts. These prompts generate custom ML models that apply realistic face effects, enhancing user interaction with branded content. The introduction of AR Extensions further broadens the application of these AR tools across all Snapchat ad formats, including Dynamic Product Ads and Snap Ads.

The new GenAI features are part of a broader strategy to cement Snapchat’s position as a leader in AR technology. This has already attracted a significant increase in daily engagement, with over 300 million users interacting with AR experiences. The enhancements have also contributed to a noticeable 21% increase in Q1 2024 revenue, underscoring the economic impact of GenAI integrations.