Swiss Re launches Life Guide Scout, a GenAI tool designed to boost the efficiency and quality of underwriting processes.

Swiss Re has unveiled an upgrade to its Life & Health underwriting manual, Life Guide, with the introduction of Swiss Re Life Guide Scout. This GenAI-powered assistant utilizes Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to offer real-time, AI-generated responses to underwriters’ queries, greatly speeding up the underwriting process.

The Life Guide Scout tool allows underwriters to ask professional queries and receive AI-generated answers quickly and accurately. It is specifically designed to assist underwriters in navigating the complex Life & Health insurance underwriting world. Underwriters must have access to timely and accurate information to assess the risks of applicants. Using the Life Guide Scout makes the decision-making process faster and more precise.

Adding the Swiss Re Life Guide Scout to the Life Guide manual represents a significant improvement, integrating advanced analytics to provide deeper insights for underwriters. The AI assistant is currently available in English as part of a pilot program, with plans for a wider rollout later this year.

This initiative is part of Swiss Re‘s commitment to leveraging advanced technology. It aims to improve efficiency, enhance client service quality and support sustainable business practices.