Tapestry and Marks & Spencer are adopting GenAI for a more tailored e-commerce experience, refining their digital marketing and customer interactions.

Tapestry, home to brands like Kate Spade and Coach, is making strides in e-commerce by integrating GenAI for online personalization. Utilizing anonymized session data, their AI system crafts customized language for each shopper in real-time. This approach is particularly effective on crucial web pages like cart and checkout, aimed at increasing purchases and reducing instances of cart abandonment.

Beyond checkout optimization, Tapestry’s AI touches various aspects of the online shopping journey. From the design of landing pages to the tone of emails, the AI tailors content based on individual browsing sessions and specific customer data. This strategy, developed in collaboration with Persado, has led to a notable 3-5% uptick in e-commerce revenue.

Similarly, British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) is leveraging the Persado Motivation AI Platform for a more connected digital customer experience. By generating AI-crafted content, M&S has experienced a significant 20% increase in conversion rates, showcasing the impact of personalized communication across various digital channels.

Both Tapestry and M&S demonstrate how generative AI can refine the e-commerce landscape. Focused on creating connections that resonate, their AI strategies utilize detailed consumer interaction data, tailoring experiences that align with each shopper’s preferences. This nuanced approach in digital marketing highlights the shift towards more individualized, data-informed customer engagement strategies in retail.