Target is set to roll out a GenAI chatbot, Store Companion, to assist employees across nearly 2,000 stores by August.

Target employees will soon benefit from the Store Companion, a GenAI-powered chatbot designed to answer questions ranging from stock availability to emergency procedures. This tool, accessible via handheld devices, aims to streamline store operations and provide instant assistance.

Minneapolis-based Target will be the first major U.S. retailer to implement such a comprehensive GenAI solution. “Our store team members face many challenges daily,” said Brett Craig, Target’s CIO. “This tool empowers them with quick, reliable information.”

Remember this: Store Companion saves time by enabling employees to ask informal questions, eliminating the need for physical handbooks or online intranet guides. It was developed using real FAQs and employee feedback, and has been tested in 400 stores, where it has proven to be valuable for both new and experienced employees.

Beyond Store Companion, Target is exploring AI to enhance customer experience on its website and app, offering intuitive searches and detailed product information. GenAI is also used to summarize reviews and improve product descriptions, showing Target’s commitment to innovative AI applications.