TD Bank’s GenAI pilots enhance customer service in contact centers and streamline engineering workflows.

TD Bank has introduced two GenAI pilots to improve customer service and engineering productivity. The first pilot, aimed at contact centers, involves a GenAI virtual assistant designed to provide quick, accurate responses to customer inquiries. This assistant is trained with TD’s policies and procedures, allowing it to deliver summarized, conversational answers that help colleagues resolve issues faster and reduce hold times.

The second pilot involves GitHub Copilot, a GenAI programming assistant developed by Microsoft, to assist TD’s engineers. Copilot streamlines coding tasks by offering real-time suggestions, explanations of complex coding topics, and security recommendations. This tool allows engineers to save time on simple tasks and focus on more complex and valuable work, thus enhancing overall productivity.

These initiatives are part of TD Invent, the Bank’s enterprise innovation approach, which explores emerging technologies to address real challenges. By thoughtfully integrating GenAI, TD aims to enhance customer and colleague experiences while maintaining high security and compliance standards. This approach ensures that GenAI’s benefits are realized without compromising safety.

The pilots reflect TD’s commitment to leveraging AI to support its customers, colleagues, and communities. By improving response times in contact centers and boosting coding efficiency, TD demonstrates its dedication to innovation and excellence. These GenAI pilots are a step forward in TD’s ongoing AI strategy, promising a more efficient and responsive banking experience.